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USA Properties Fund

USA Properties Fund

ConSol activities

ConSol investigated a number of options to minimize and or avoid up-front costs to install solar at specific development sites. Some of these options included modeling various sizes of solar PV systems, providing cost-effective Title 24 energy efficiency options, and researching relevant utility- and CCA-owned clean energy procurement and incentive programs. ConSol also quantified the value of a number of financial pathways for excess solar generation, such as onsite metering, virtual net metering, community solar, and utility grid services.

Why ConSol?

We leverage our experience and expertise in energy-efficient and sustainable design to develop cost-effective, commercially available compliance technology and environmental strategies for land and property developers. Our advanced building modeling capabilities enable us to inform community and building-level design considerations, quantify costs and building energy use, as well as develop practical execution pathways for building emission mitigation and low- or zero-carbon developments. 

We also act as a resource and guide during code development cycles, educating stakeholders on how expected building code changes will affect building design and development. ConSol’s participation helps to ensure that not only is compliance met, but that it is done in an economic and efficient manner.

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