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Spray Foam Coalition

Spray Foam Coalition

ConSol activities

ConSol conducted a number of models through California Building Energy Code Compliance (CBECC) software and the California Simulation Engine (CSE) to determine modeled energy savings attributable to updating default air leakage assumptions. ConSol also researched and categorized key variables, assumptions, and algorithms that affect modeling outputs for various roof/attic materials and assemblies used in California residential new construction. Based on the results of the research and analysis, ConSol collaborated with Spray Foam Coalition and the California Energy Commission (CEC) to suggest meaningful changes to CBECC-Residential software that would ensure accurate model calculation and correct compliance credit assignment.

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We leverage our longstanding relationships and deep expertise to support national, state and local organizations in facilitating collaboration and accelerating industry growth.

We advocate for our client's needs and priorities during code development cycles and ensure key stakeholders are informed about the financial and practical implications of code compliance. We also help organizations develop creative, economic strategies to meet national, state, and local codes through advanced modeling and data-driven analysis. Lastly, we assess and promote clean energy and energy efficient products and innovative technologies that help all stakeholders involved in the building and energy industries cost-effectively adapt to changing requirements.

Our clients include a wide range of industry associations located  throughout the United States.

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