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Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison

ConSol activities

ConSol was selected to perform market research and offer all-electric informational training on behalf of SCE. ConSol has researched various all-electrification topics regarding construction and consumer cost savings, consumer concerns, appliance options, and indoor air quality. ConSol’s findings have informed the building industry on the benefits of all-electrification to facilitate the transition from a mixed fuel dominated market to an all-electric market with lower carbon emissions.

Why ConSol?

ConSol helps utilities reach their energy and carbon reduction objectives through the adoption of new technologies, design and delivery of customer programs, and effective engagement with the building industry through outreach and training to incorporate advanced energy technologies into residential and non-residential new construction and retrofits through utility-supported programs.

As part of our comprehensive program design and delivery, we conduct market research, energy modeling, and cost analyses, and we tap into our vast network of top contractors, developers, and other stakeholders to understand the voice of the customer and their true needs. Our past programs have focused on building electrification and energy efficiency, including first costs, utility rate analysis, cost savings and practical approaches to overcome barriers to builder and customer adoption. 

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