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ConSol analyzed the Title 24 compliance and cost impacts of SunPower's solar and battery products relative to efficiency features typically used by builders to comply with Title 24 requirements. ConSol performed several simulations within CBECC and assessed different combinations of battery control strategies and solar sizing, which allowed ConSol to provide a variety of options to demonstrate the size of the compliance credit for different options and the cost-effectiveness of those features for California builders. This analysis helped SunPower to understand the overall compliance impact of the 2019 Standards update on solar and battery storage before finalizing pricing for these offerings.

Why ConSol?

We help builders and manufacturers prepare for the financial and operational impacts of energy code changes, as well as provide strategic guidance during the code development cycle to ensure that the new rules are cost effective, practical, and implementable for the industry. We also work with relevant regulatory bodies to ensure builders’ needs receive formal recognition in energy design calculations for building compliance and performance.

We leverage advanced modeling capabilities to conduct technical analyses that quantify the energy, carbon, and cost impacts of new technologies, policies, and building practices. In particular, our energy simulation modeling has been pivotal in helping manufacturers understand code and technical opportunities for existing products and products under development.

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