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ConSol is now the premier training provider for CHEERS courses and certifications

As the largest Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Provider in California, CHEERS is approved and regulated by the California Energy Commission (CEC) to train, certify, and oversee the performance of HERS Raters- professionals who verify a building's compliance with the California Energy Code. Take a look at our current programs below to see if you are eligible to receive our premier and industry-approved trainings and certifications. If you are not eligible through our current programs but are still interested in our trainings and certifications, email


We help clients like you make an impact towards a zero carbon future.

“CBIA has used ConSol as a technical consultant since the mid 90’s. ConSol’s expertise in energy efficiency, the building industry, energy codes, construction practices and emerging technologies has helped CBIA deliver consistent results to our members.”
Chris Ochoa
Senior Counsel for Codes, Regulatory and Legislative Affairs
“Being an energy manager for 13 years, I have performed many audits and ConSol easily outshined the others in their thoroughness and attention to details in identifying and reporting of the energy efficiency measures.”
Frank DiLiddo
Energy Manager
“The people at ConSol are building science experts and always up-to-date on new building codes. You can always count on them for  accurate, unbiased advice.”
Joyce Mason
“ConSol has a deep understanding of the energy codes and standards from a home builders perspective – including the importance of high-quality construction practices and risk management. They provide great value in in reviewing emerging technologies and determining the most cost-effective energy code compliance strategies for the California market.”
Jim Peterson
Vice President
“Our relationship with ConSol has given us a tremendous insight into the process of developing and implementing the energy codes in California. With ConSol's insight we would have wasted a great deal of time and effort in the wrong places and on the wrong issues.”
John Crouch
Director of Public Affairs
“ConSol has worked with the California Department of Community Services for several years and is a trusted 3rd party inspector for our low-income weatherization programs.”
Climate Investment Unit and Quality Assurance Inspection Unit, State of California
“We consider ConSol a trusted advisor in helping LBA achieve our mission to preserve national home affordability. ConSol's unique skillset has helped our organization interpret existing and proposed national energy codes, which allowed LBA to optimize our participation in key code and policy development.”
Clayton Traylor
Vice President, Leading Builders of America
Current Programs

Take a look at our current programs to check your eligibility for free trainings and certifications

SoCalGas HERS Rater Training Program:

Participants who live, work, or go to school within the Southern California Gas (SCG) service territory are eligible to receive free HERS Rater Certification (valued at $1,500 - $2,200) as well as additional CHEERS trainings (on-demand and live webinar). All you need is access to a computer and the internet.

If you are interested in earning your HERS Rater Certification at no cost, email with your zip code to verify eligibility.

Review the available CHEERS on-demand courses available through the SoCalGas HERS Rater Training Program.

Register for our upcoming Webinars:

July 11th 10:00 AM PT | HERS Rater Certification 101: Navigating the Certification Process
August 1st 10:00 AM PT | Builder Webinar – A Guide to Coordinating with Subcontractors and HERS Raters

*NEW* San Diego LEARN Program:

All California residents are eligible to receive free CHEERS trainings (on-demand and live webinar) through the LEARN Program. All you need is access to a computer and the internet.

The LEARN Program is a San Diego-based workforce education and training program that has partnered with ConSol to offer free energy efficiency and electrification training and webinars.  

Review the CHEERS on-demand courses available through the San Diego LEARN Program.

Register for our upcoming live webinars:

July 25th 10:00 AM PT | Introduction to the HERS Rating Industry
August 15th 10:00 AM PT | Contractor/ Installer Webinar - A Guide to HERS Testing and the Responsibilities of a Contractor

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